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Site Plan Review

Completeness Review

An application for site plan or subdivision review must be determined to be complete before the clock starts on the allowable period for review of the application. The board or its designee has 45 days to compare the application documents submitted to see if they meet all of the requirements included in a municipal checklist for the type of approval requested. If the town does not take action within 45 days, the review clock starts.

If the municipality finds that there is information missing, they must identify the data that remains to be provided. When you resubmit the application they have another 45 days to determine if the revised application is complete.

Technical Review

The board and its professional staff will generally perform a detailed technical review of your site plan documents after it has been determined that they are complete. You may be asked to provide additional information, but the review clock will not be stopped while you are preparing the additional information. The board secretary will schedule the date of the meeting for the review of you application and advise you if you must provide notice of the meeting.

Notices of Application

For many types of application, you will be required to provide public notice of the meeting at which your application will be heard by the planning or zoning board. The noticing requirements are quite extensive and are generally handled by your attorney. Among those to be provided with service are all property owners whose lots, or any portion thereof, are located with 200 feet of your property. Most service is made by certified mail. If the notice is defective, the board may not hear the application.

You may request a list of property owners within 200 feet from the municipality’s administrative officer for a nominal fee.

Minor Site Plan Review

The ordinance may allow for the waiver of a public hearing if the board or its designated site plan review committee finds that the project conforms to the definition of a minor site plan. The board has 45 days to take action on a minor site plan application.

Preliminary Site Plan Review

An application for a development containing 10 acres or less, or 10 dwelling units or less, has a review period of 45 days. For larger applications the review period is 95 days.

Final Site Plan Review

A final site plan application must be acted upon within 45 days of submittal of a complete application.

Simultaneous Review

The board may act on both preliminary and final site plan applications simultaneously. They may also act upon conditional uses and subdivision applications simultaneously with site plan applications. The longest time period for any individual action will govern.

Findings of Fact and Conditions of Approval

The board must render a written decision on every application. A memorializing resolution must be adopted at a meeting not later than 45 days after the date when the board voted to grant or deny approval.

Performance Guarantees

The board may require the posting of performance guarantees to insure the installation and maintenance of on-tract improvements. A performance guarantee in the amount of 120% of the estimated cost of the improvements will be required before the deed or subdivision plat may be filed.

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