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Site Plans and Land Subdivisions

Subdivision of Land

What is a Land Subdivision?

Generally, any division of a parcel of land into two or more lots is a land subdivision. Moving a lot line between two existing lots may also be considered a subdivision. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as:

  • Division of lands for agricultural purposes when the lots are five acres or larger.
  • Divisions of land by testamentary or intestate provisions.
  • Divisions of property by court order.
  • Consolidation of existing lots by deed or other recorded instrument.

What is a Minor Subdivision?

A minor subdivision is limited by the number of lots specified in the local ordinance. It may not, however, involve a planned development, any new street or the extension of any off-tract improvement.

The local ordinance may permit approval of a minor subdivision without full board review.

What is a Major Subdivision?

A Major Subdivision is any subdivision that is not classified as a minor subdivision (I know that this sounds like a bit of a snide comment but that’s how it’s written in the law).

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