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Final Design

Final Design of Your Project

You have now either found that you do not need subdivision or site plan approval or you have received the approvals that were necessary. Now you can get started with your final project plans and specifications that are required to obtain a construction permit.

Okay, it’s not strictly true that you needed to wait until this point to start preparation of your final construction documents. I state it this way because it can be very costly to get started on final design any earlier in the process. If you start preparation of your final construction documents early, and then the board decides to make changes to your site plan drawings, you will find yourself making costly revisions to those construction documents that were underway.

You may be thinking “Why do I have to do more drawings? Aren’t the ones that I used for site plan approval adequate to get a construction permit?” Well, some of them may be. The plans of the building façade, the floor plans and many of the exterior plans may be adequate with a little bit of updating.

However, there are many elements of the building that are not required to be designed for the planning or zoning board to review your project. Examples of things that you will still need to have designed are: electrical systems, HVAC systems, plumbing systems, structural calculations, construction details and more.

Your architect, in collaboration with other design professionals, will help you create the plans and specifications that are required to obtain a construction permit. For some small buildings you may have the electrical and plumbing drawings prepared by a Licensed Electrician and Master Plumber, respectively.

It’s important to work closely with your architect to make sure that the project meets your design requirements and budget. It’s also important to make sure that the architect is following the appropriate codes that have been adopted by the State of New Jersey. If you are renovating an existing building, make sure that you have considered the requirements of New Jersey’s Rehabilitation Subcode.

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