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NJ Uniform Construction Code Inspections During Construction

Uniform Construction Code Inspections During Construction

The NJ Uniform Construction Code specifies the inspections during construction for which the work must cease. You may not continue work unless you have passed these inspections. It is the contractor’s responsibility to call for the inspections when the work is ready to be inspected. The enforcing agency has three business days to respond to your request.

I advise not calling for inspection unless you are sure that the work will be ready for inspection when the inspector arrives. Too many false alarms may cause inspectors to place you lower on their list of priorities.

Other Inspections

You may also need to schedule inspections from other arms of municipal government. The municipal engineer is often responsible for the inspection of improvements identified in your site plan or subdivision approval. If your project lies on a state or county road, any road openings may need to be inspected by them. It’s likely that you may need to obtain inspections by the Soil Conservation District. If you are building a food-handling establishment, the health department will need to approve the work.

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